Things to do on a Sunny day

The inks were delivered weeks ago, finally I did some experimenting today. Objects were placed on fabric painted with ink dye and left out in the sun for the colour to develop.I am still saving my negative sheets as there’s only ten in the pack. 

Here’s what I learned;

My sampler pack won’t last me long. At full strength I’d expect to go through a bottle to do one T-shirt. My pictured sample is with dye diluted with water 1:1. The result is more pastel than solid colour, so if I want more tone and vibrancy I think I’d be best off not diluting next time.
Also the type of fabric makes a difference. My pictured sample is calico, which is meant to be 100% cotton but felt a bit waxy, as though it had a treated surface. On another sample I did with a cotton knit fabric, the colour result was much deeper.
I also tried one sample with regular indoor lighting to see if anything happened. Nothing happened. A bright sunny day is the major factor in this process!

I also worked out that in future for the best result the objects (or photo negative) will need to be firm against the fabric with no gaps for light to leak in.

I’m pleased to say this process does feel straightforward and also feels suitable for my project.

My next step is some more research into cyanotypes and inversing my images for printing.

Fun times 🙂



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