More Fun in the Sun

I did some more experimenting with my sun sensitive fabric paints on the weekend. I used a test photo negative supplied the sampler pack. More observations and learnings today;

– I wasn’t completely satisfied with the shadow detail on the printed fabric. I had an idea that placing glass on top of the negative might help keep it in place without interfering with the process. I looked online and saw this as a suggestion on a help guide, with a note to use a longer exposure time (up to 15mins) when using glass

– I would have liked to use another fabric, but used calico again as I didn’t have any other fabric handy.
I have since bought thinner fabric in 100% cotton and a silk cotton blend for my next samples. Look forward to see how the dye behaves on different fabric

– I really need to buy more ink as it is being used up fast!

– I also did a photocopy of a silhouette and made a negative using my home printer. My first attempt didn’t result in a successful print. I realised it was due to not having any blacks in the print. My second attempt was much better, and I’ll keep in mind  for next time, another hint I saw on a help guide for this product. Two identical negatives could be used together to get the darkness required for a good print contrast.

-Another note, about the sun! Daylight saving has just ended, so I neced to be more organised for future printing. I thought about uv lights, but the print process is so fast in the sun and I enjoy sitting in the sun and watching the colours appear.

I do need to work on my own images but I’m happy I’ve made progress 🙂 



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