With my sun sensitive fabric paints I have experimented with photograms, with varying degrees of success.

I picked some leaves and flowers on my walk home, and laid them on painted fabric. I found the photogram process using the sun didn’t give me the sharpness I’d seen in photograms I’ve seen from the dark room. On a sunny day light spills from everywhere, so it’s easy for light to leak through the sides of the leaves if not laid flat. I want to experiment more with photograms and hopeful for better results.

I’m thinking about creating some sort of lightbox that I can use outside, something to stop too much light spill from the sides. A bit of light spill helps give the photogrammed objects shadows and appear to have more movement, which I find pleasing. My desired result is a happy medium between sharpness and some light spill.

Here’s my results from today, each experiment teaches me more things.


Photogram Prcoess


Man Ray was known for his photograms (Rayographs) so I could really move onto some exciting things too if I can explore this process more 🙂


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