Project Complete!

Fabric Printing Supllies

Fabric Printing Supplies


Screenshot_2013-06-24-08-09-10-1_wmI had mentioned in previous posts I wanted to make a gift for Mothers Day, combining photography and textiles. I was happy with how things came together. I did manage to finish the gift on time, but been a bit too busy to share the results until now.

The Process

My project idea started with my learning about new fabric printing technology and experimenting with supplies. My first attempts with this process were hit and miss, but I stuck with it and once I got some good results I really enjoyed working with it.

The fabric printing process was quite straightforward, but to achieve a print with more depth I combined two processes. I started with a photogram and allowed it to dry. Then I applied more paint and used an inkfilm negative as an overlay print.  Details on the printing and processing as mentioned on previous post.




Expediture for items I didn’t yet have came up to $90, but  usage of those items was low, so I now have plenty of ink, film and fabric for future projects. (Paint brushes $4, cotton fabric $10, Fabric Ink painting kit $48, inkfilm transparency $10, Picture frame $18 = $90).I all ready had a camera, software and a home printer to take the photo, process the image and print the negative.

I’ll follow this post immediately with the big reveal of the gift and the inspiration behind it 🙂



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