The Gift

The inspiration for my work came from my interest and research into Sydney’s historical locations. During my research I found a wonderful blog that shared before and now stories of notable places in our history. I found one location of particular interest, the Garden Palace in the Botanic Gardens. There was much fanfare, expense and labour involved in the building of this large structure in 1877, but all to be gone in one fire a few years later. The commemorative Palace Garden gate provides us some of the only evidence that the building ever existed. There is something I find particularly fascinating about being in a location that has a history that reveals itself through clues, if you take a closer look.

I visited the gardens, took a photo of the silhouette of the gate which I used for my artwork. I wanted to create extra dimension in the work. I did this by doing a photogram of floating flowers as my base, the strong silhouette layered on top, then beading detail on the gate. Found a vintage style frame to complete it, and project complete.

Pretty happy with how it all turned out!

Here it is 🙂

Garden Palace Gate

Garden Palace Gate



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