Pinhole Experiment

I’ve been wanting to do some pinhole photography for a while now. I had not used my cardboard camera as I haven’t yet purchased a 12 exposure roll of film. I found out that pinhole photography techniques can be used on a DSLR, so I gave it a go on the weekend.

I used a homemade cardboard pinhole lens taped to my DLSR.  It look about 5 minutes to make and mount the lens. I was surprised the camera was able to accept my lens and give me an image through the viewfinder and a meter reading. I was able to change ISO, WB and shutter speed settings but not aperture.

For this experiment I used a needle to punch a small pinhole in the cardboard. In my next experiment I’ll make a pinhole on a plastic cap and see if it produces a more crisp image. I’m looking forward to do more.  I had fun and enjoyed getting instant results!




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