Bill Gates mosaic

I found this photo mosaic online (image credit and tutorial): ) made up of logos associated with Bill Gates. The  post included instructions online and it gave me an idea for a another weekend project.

Equipment/items used:
DSLR Camera, computer with internet access, home colour inkjet printer, cotton fabric to print my image on, iron
Other items purchased for this project: Canon T-shirt A4 transfer sheets ($27.95) Picture frame $7

Total amount spent = $34.95

The Process:
  • I downloaded and used Andreamosaic program
  • I loaded 104 images and set my preferences (eg. Rectangular tiles, 300 dpi)
  • I selected one photograph to be the main image, and the photomosaic was generated within a couple of minutes
  • Ironed A4 transfer sheet to the back of a piece of plain white cotton fabric to stiffen the fabric and enable it to go through my printer
  • Connected computer to printer and printed the saved mosaic file onto the A4 fabric sheet
  • Allowed fabric to cool down for 10 mins, Cut the fabric down to a4 size
  •  NB. Kept the transfer backing on the back of fabric sheet, mounted in frame with foam insert
Will share the results in next post 🙂

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