Postmodernism – What is it?

I’ve read some varying interpretations on Postmodernism, and the characteristic I relate to the most is the depiction of the ordinary, with no obvious meaning at a first glance. I will take a seat and have a further think about it





The Gift

The inspiration for my work came from my interest and research into Sydney’s historical locations. During my research I found a wonderful blog that shared before and now stories of notable places in our history. I found one location of particular interest, the Garden Palace in the Botanic Gardens. There was much fanfare, expense and labour involved in the building of this large structure in 1877, but all to be gone in one fire a few years later. The commemorative Palace Garden gate provides us some of the only evidence that the building ever existed. There is something I find particularly fascinating about being in a location that has a history that reveals itself through clues, if you take a closer look.

I visited the gardens, took a photo of the silhouette of the gate which I used for my artwork. I wanted to create extra dimension in the work. I did this by doing a photogram of floating flowers as my base, the strong silhouette layered on top, then beading detail on the gate. Found a vintage style frame to complete it, and project complete.

Pretty happy with how it all turned out!

Here it is 🙂

Garden Palace Gate

Garden Palace Gate


Project Complete!

Fabric Printing Supllies

Fabric Printing Supplies


Screenshot_2013-06-24-08-09-10-1_wmI had mentioned in previous posts I wanted to make a gift for Mothers Day, combining photography and textiles. I was happy with how things came together. I did manage to finish the gift on time, but been a bit too busy to share the results until now.

The Process

My project idea started with my learning about new fabric printing technology and experimenting with supplies. My first attempts with this process were hit and miss, but I stuck with it and once I got some good results I really enjoyed working with it.

The fabric printing process was quite straightforward, but to achieve a print with more depth I combined two processes. I started with a photogram and allowed it to dry. Then I applied more paint and used an inkfilm negative as an overlay print.  Details on the printing and processing as mentioned on previous post.




Expediture for items I didn’t yet have came up to $90, but  usage of those items was low, so I now have plenty of ink, film and fabric for future projects. (Paint brushes $4, cotton fabric $10, Fabric Ink painting kit $48, inkfilm transparency $10, Picture frame $18 = $90).I all ready had a camera, software and a home printer to take the photo, process the image and print the negative.

I’ll follow this post immediately with the big reveal of the gift and the inspiration behind it 🙂



artonthesly-2 blog

My first attempt at Cubism, taken literally 🙂


With my sun sensitive fabric paints I have experimented with photograms, with varying degrees of success.

I picked some leaves and flowers on my walk home, and laid them on painted fabric. I found the photogram process using the sun didn’t give me the sharpness I’d seen in photograms I’ve seen from the dark room. On a sunny day light spills from everywhere, so it’s easy for light to leak through the sides of the leaves if not laid flat. I want to experiment more with photograms and hopeful for better results.

I’m thinking about creating some sort of lightbox that I can use outside, something to stop too much light spill from the sides. A bit of light spill helps give the photogrammed objects shadows and appear to have more movement, which I find pleasing. My desired result is a happy medium between sharpness and some light spill.

Here’s my results from today, each experiment teaches me more things.


Photogram Prcoess


Man Ray was known for his photograms (Rayographs) so I could really move onto some exciting things too if I can explore this process more 🙂


I work better when I have a checklist, and seeing as Mother’s Day is around the corner, I’m checking where I’m up to and what needs to be done 🙂

Do some research, get some ideas, get creative

Go to location I have in mind, take photo

Load photo onto computer, create inverse image in Photoshop to make digital negative. Print negative on inkjet film using home printer

Get materials ready- fabric paints, paint brushes, ink

Get permission to share link from one of the sites I used for research and inspiration

What to do next:
Redo negative? Want to try another print with a square negative

Find some sun!
Paint the fabric evenly
Lay inkfilm negative on fabric
Put sheet of glass on top of the inkfilm negative
Buy a vintage frame for the print 

Give to mum


Will post pics once I’ve done!

Pop Art

Since the Song Dong Waste Not exhibition a few weeks ago,  I’ve still been thinking about how much is just one person’s environmental footprint. If we were to retain and surround ourselves, as Song Dong’s mother did, with the disposable takeaway food containers etc that we buy daily, how much volume would surround us? What is reusable and recycleable and what would be landfill? Would we reconsider making these purchases in the first place?

I thought about the Pop Art movement at this exhibition, and the use of found products, brands that we bring into our homes, and mass consumption. I may explore this theme and genre in future works.



Wicked Women

On the weekend I saw the ‘Wicked Women’ exhibition at the Sydney Justice and Police museum. When watching the artist’s interview I took an interest in her comments about not using black in her oil paintings as it ‘kills off other colours’. Instead, colours are built up to give the depth. The vibrant colours of these portraits have a lot of energy and captured the personalities of her subjects. These women are strong 🙂

I liked the use of vintage posters as inspiration, and the use of props and posing to add drama. I enjoy portraiture and will think about all these things when I work on portraits in the future.



In one word, the surrealism to me means ‘dreamlike’. The concept of Surrealist automatism I find interesting. Fellow photographer, musician and artmaker friends have shared the similar experiences, where the work seems to come from the unconscious or even something external. I took this photo last week, and it was one of those moments where the photo seemed to take itself..


Pinhole Camera

I’ve had this pinhole camera kit for months and as we had a public holiday today, I had a bit of time to spare. I thought it would be a fun project to assemble the camera tonight. A project like this combines two of my main interests- photography and crafty things. I’d allocated half an hour to this task but it, ahem, took slightly longer 😉

Macguyver would have been impressed by the artful use of gaffa tape to reinforce the cardboard joins. It really does resemble a camera. Next thing I need to do is get some film. ISO 200/400 35mm is recommended.

I anticipate trying out different cameras will get me out of comfort zone and that’s where the real fun and learning happens 🙂


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