Jeff Wall

Last week I had a good opportunity to gain more understanding of postmodernist photography. I visited the MCA and saw the exhibition of contemporary Canadian photographer Jeff Wall. Many of the images were displayed as large scale lightboxes, said to be inspired by bus shelter advertising.

His photography seems journalistic at a first glance, but after reading more about this artist I learned images such as The  Destroyed Room were staged realities.

I enjoy this photographer’s work as I find it  rich in detail and content. Check out the exhibition here 🙂



Pop Art

Since the Song Dong Waste Not exhibition a few weeks ago,  I’ve still been thinking about how much is just one person’s environmental footprint. If we were to retain and surround ourselves, as Song Dong’s mother did, with the disposable takeaway food containers etc that we buy daily, how much volume would surround us? What is reusable and recycleable and what would be landfill? Would we reconsider making these purchases in the first place?

I thought about the Pop Art movement at this exhibition, and the use of found products, brands that we bring into our homes, and mass consumption. I may explore this theme and genre in future works.



Wicked Women

On the weekend I saw the ‘Wicked Women’ exhibition at the Sydney Justice and Police museum. When watching the artist’s interview I took an interest in her comments about not using black in her oil paintings as it ‘kills off other colours’. Instead, colours are built up to give the depth. The vibrant colours of these portraits have a lot of energy and captured the personalities of her subjects. These women are strong 🙂

I liked the use of vintage posters as inspiration, and the use of props and posing to add drama. I enjoy portraiture and will think about all these things when I work on portraits in the future.


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