Jeff Wall

Last week I had a good opportunity to gain more understanding of postmodernist photography. I visited the MCA and saw the exhibition of contemporary Canadian photographer Jeff Wall. Many of the images were displayed as large scale lightboxes, said to be inspired by bus shelter advertising.

His photography seems journalistic at a first glance, but after reading more about this artist I learned images such as The  Destroyed Room were staged realities.

I enjoy this photographer’s work as I find it  rich in detail and content. Check out the exhibition here 🙂



Postmodernism – What is it?

I’ve read some varying interpretations on Postmodernism, and the characteristic I relate to the most is the depiction of the ordinary, with no obvious meaning at a first glance. I will take a seat and have a further think about it





In one word, the surrealism to me means ‘dreamlike’. The concept of Surrealist automatism I find interesting. Fellow photographer, musician and artmaker friends have shared the similar experiences, where the work seems to come from the unconscious or even something external. I took this photo last week, and it was one of those moments where the photo seemed to take itself..


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